Get hands on at Liquid Light Glass. Take any of our three classes. Don't worry, no prior experience is necessary. Our artists will be with you throughout an entire session, making sure that your experience is fun and safe. Contact us and make your reservation today!


Glass Paperweight Experience

Experience the art of glassblowing first hand. Our knowledgeable teachers will walk you through how to sculpt your very own piece of art. You pick the colors and our staff will show you how to bring your designs to life. Finished paperweights are available for pickup one to two days after the class, or the pieces can be shipped directly to you.

Classes cost $65 per person. Each class includes one finished paperweight per person. If a student wants to make two paperweights, the cost is $120. Class sizes vary between 4 and 12 people and book up fast.

This class especially makes for a great family activity.

Glass Art Experience

Learn how to shape, sculpt and mold molten glass during your own one-on-one tutorial. Students gain first hand experience creating paperweights, flowers, and blown glass cups. Take one, two, or several classes with our professional artists. Each course is individually shaped to suit the experience level of the participant. All finished pieces will be available for pickup one to two days after the class, or they can be shipped directly to you.

Each 60-minute course costs $185 per person, or two people can share a 90 minute course for $277.50.

Courses can be booked in one or two hour increments.




Glass Flower Experience

Come experience the thrill of crafting your very own flowers out of glass. Students select the colors and our expertly trained staff will help you turn your idea into a finished work of art. These flowers make lovely gifts or keepsakes, and offer fun for the whole family. Finished pieces are available for pickup, or can be shipped one to two days after the class.

Classes cost $65 per person and include two finished glass flowers. Class sizes vary between 4 and 12 people. Reserve now —this class experience books up fast!